Digital marketing strategy and planning trends.

The main direction of the development of a common digital strategy is the constant popularization of digital conversion programs. This is confirmed by surveys of participants in webinars on digital transformation. A recent survey clearly demonstrated the desire of many companies to work with digital conversion programs.
Of particular interest is the development of an integrated digital marketing strategy across multiple channels. Experts strongly recommend using customer-oriented marketing moves so that they are audited throughout their entire life cycle. An important trend in modern marketing is the transition from digital to multi-channel universal marketing.

This direction in the development of marketing is the widespread use of “comprehensive communications” that are customer-oriented. It is extremely important to achieve interaction with customers through touch points on all channels. Multi-channel marketing allows customers to complete transactions in each channel. Omnichannel’s strategy organizes customer service across all channels so that marketing is integrated and consistent. This approach allows customers to start working in one channel and switch to another until permission is reached. These complex operations between channels must be available to customers.

Marketing strategy and planning.

To improve digital tactics, you need to develop a marketing strategy and branding that stimulate business development. If these conditions are not met, then all your efforts to improve digital tactics will be in vain. The main trend of the marketing strategy is what opportunities digital technologies and the media can use for digital disruption. Digital marketing is not always used for these purposes, most often it is used to penetrate the market.

It should be noted that mobile responsive websites for the dominant use of smartphones are already outdated technologies. Experts predict that as a result of the rapid development of mobile technologies, the so-called personalization of the connection between the brand and the person will occur. Innovative technologies will greatly enhance the insight of the interactive user interface. Currently, people have already learned how to interact with brands. In this he is actively helped by a gadget, the display of which shows a real picture of the events.

According to experts, those companies that will create and work to improve personalized content for customers will achieve success in marketing. Currently, users can speak out about their preferred choice on social media, with the result that branding is gradually taking the form of an unobtrusive conversation. Online customer behavior will help marketers learn more about their customers ’preferences. Customer demand will always influence brand content.

Here are just a few examples. The entire importance of interaction and personalization was felt by American retailers, which in 2018, due to well-functioning interaction, increased the number of customer accounts by 30 percent. Many retailers, increasing the speed of the site, improved interaction with users, which led to an increase in browsing pages on their sites. The main goal of marketers is to interest as many potential buyers as possible with their products.

Trends in social networks

The best source for collecting information on the use of any Internet resource in the United States is the communications market survey. Experts examine changes in three major consumer networks. According to them, in 2018 on Facebook, the age group older than people over 55 is the largest group of users. The Instagram network is used by all age groups, the largest of which are users aged 25 to 34 years. On the Snapchat network, people between the ages of 25 and 34 are the ones who prefer to chat. This suggests that Snapchat’s consumer network is interesting not only for teens. The use of targeted advertisements and Messenger for conversations on social networks is an important trend in the development of marketing.

Email Marketing

New innovations in email marketing techniques are hard to find. Many email marketing techniques have been well studied. For example, recent trends are associated with increased interactivity of gadgets.

Content Marketing

The Content Marketing Institute is doing a great job of identifying innovative trends in content marketing. In technologies that use this type of marketing, the main trends are:

quality of content based on a better understanding of customer needs;
new structure to support content marketing with increased investment;
improved measurement of the effectiveness of content marketing.

Paid and earned media

An important trend in the development of marketing is its own advertising and video advertising. Apparently, this trend will remain important in 2020. Advertising always complements digital conversion.

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