Best movies of 2020 in telugu with ratings:

1. Hit (2020) :

Duration: 128 min

Movie Info: Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Rating : 7.8

Story Description:

Vikram is a cop has to solve a mystery case of girl preethi who disappears in hyderabad and vikram has to solve the case at any cost.

2.Kanulu Kanulanu Dochayante (2020):

Duration: 160 min

Movie Info: Drama, Romance, Thriller

Rating : 7.7

Story Description:

Two best friends life turn after meeting two girls with interesting twists and how they all together and settles down is rest of the story.

3.Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo (2020) :

Duration: 163 min

Movie Info: Action,Drama

Rating : 7.2

Story Description:

A jealous clerk secretly changes his newly born son with his richest friend’s son and story is regarding how they able to know the truth.

4.Jaanu (2020):

Duration: 150 min

Movie Info: Romance

Rating: 7.0

Story Description:

Ram is a photographer story is about his childhood developed feelings on a girl name jaanu.They will meet in school reunion after 15 years rest is story between them after meeting.

5.Sarileru Neekevvaru (2020) :

Duration: 171 min

Movie Info: Action, Comedy, Drama

Rating : 6.2

Story Description:

Sarileru Neekevvaru is a story of Army major who handles tasks at border,later he moves to kurnool on mission rest of story how he faced situations at kurnool.

6.Darbar (2020) :

Duration: 158 min

Movie Info: Drama, Action

Rating: 6.2

Story Description:

A cop chase a gangster who kills his daughter.

7.Madha (2020) :

Duration: 104 min

Movie Info: Physcological Thriller

Story Description:

Madha, a Sanakrit term translates to “Insanity Personified” in English. The story revolves around the character “NISHA” a small time proof reader at an ad agency, who is left an orphan at a very young age, She is targeted by “Arjun” who pretend to be in love with her but traps her into something, which will change Nisha’s life forever.

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