A Killing Guide to Learn Where to Create Logo Online

This article will detail the options available on the market for logo design, and analyze all its pros and cons.

Initial advice:

First of all, if you require your logo for a commercial brand, you must bear in mind that it complies with these 3 fundamental aspects:

Your logo must be unique and genuine, because otherwise, when you register your brand in the property, you will have severe inconveniences in the present or future, which can make you lose a lot of time and money.

Your new brand must clearly represent the type of product or service it sells. A logo is not the same for beauty as for technology, such as a cleaning product or a restaurant. Each category of product or service uses a visual icon that must be known and used judiciously. It must seem what it is.

Your visual identity has to stand out and differentiate itself from your competition, making it attractive and easy to memorize for your target audience.

To achieve these 3 essential points, a professional design must have:

Previous and in-depth analysis of the brand to be carried out, the market, the target audience, the competition.

Conceptualization based on paper and pencil since this is where the most original and most alive ideas come from. Every good brand must have an intention.

Expert consulting will guide you in the selection process of the final brand. A logo not only has to be pretty but must communicate correctly in the right direction. In other words, it must seduce and be recognized by our target audience.

Where to create your logo?

Now yes, below is going with all the options that you can find for your logo design.

Freelance designers

It starts with the most uncertain option of all. Of course, there are very good freelance designers who can do a great job for you. They are free spirits who decide to be at their discretion. They neither want to work for others nor do they want to set up their design studio.

It is perhaps in that free spirit where its main drawback lies, where delivery times can be a pain and the request for changes or variations can result in an offense for said freelance designer.

Their costs can be very different:

Those who are good that in addition to knowing how to draw and design are experts in marketing and communication, usually have very high costs, since they are in high demand and as a freelance, they fully depend on their work and their time.

They are also very cheap, which would be a bad sign if you also have time available. They tend to be more students or young designers who practically have to give their work to enter the market. The downside is their lack of real business, real marketing, communication, and sales experience. You will be his “laboratory of trial and error” that gives him his future experience.

From your perspective, trust only freelance designers who have good direct references and have been able to see their work and career in-depth.

Make sure that it is more designer than artist, because if it is the latter, you will run high risks of having a brand that can be very beautiful but does not communicate correctly in your market and towards your target audience.

Test your “pride” by criticizing some of your work, to measure your degree of accepting other points of view and thus evaluate how you will face future changes you ask.

Finally, try to make some contract that commits you to what was agreed, especially with delivery times.

Low-Cost Design Services

It is certainly the cheapest option, of course. You will get a logo made in a short time or by inexperienced people, without consulting. If you want your logo for a personal job or for a very simple business-oriented more, this option is perfect.

Free design tools


These tools will also be a feasible way if you have no design skills and experience. Also, the budget is limited. Then you can try online logo makers. These tools are easy to use so that you can manage your logo job effortlessly. Here an example for you to refer to.

DesignEvo is an online logo making service that requires no skill. To use it is dead easy with three steps. After land its homepage, you can choose a template to start your project. It has more than 10,000 logo templates available to use. Also, if you want to challenge yourself, you can start from a blank canvas. But it will also easy to edit your logo as it has an icon stock to select. The second step is go for to customize your logo at your will to reset the font, change the color, resize, etc. Finally, you can export your logo. The best of best is that it supports you in checking your logo what exactly looks like in the real application. What you might feel said is that you would get a low-resolution logo for free. To get a higher resolution logo, you would need to pay a small fee.

Design contests

The idea sounds good. Multiple designers working on your logo and you pay the one you like best. But it may have some questions you might take into account.

Have you thought about the thousands of designers who work in these companies “for the love of art”? Knowing that these designers only earn money if their logo is chosen, what kind of designers do you think that most work there?

Exactly: young designers with little experience, or worse: people who use pre-made symbol libraries or plagiarize other logos, since it only pays off if you participate in many contests and solve the logos in a couple of hours.

Did you think about the confidentiality of your ideas? Being an immense community of anonymous designers, who knows who will receive your ideas and business plans.

Traditional design studios

Without a doubt, it is an good option among all of the above. In a traditional design studio, there is a structure, a process, made up of professionals, design and communication experts who treat your brand as it deserves.

They analyze your company, your market, your target audience, your goals, your differentiating element, and thereby design from the sketch by hand, usually led by a Creative Director. There is advice, dedication, guarantees, professionalism. The one big problem would be the high-rate. So this option would be suited for those who have enough budget.


Above are the most common option for you to create a logo. All have their advantage and disadvantageous, you can resort to the one according to your needs and conditions. Wish you get something useful from the article.

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