9 useful tools to promote your business on Instagram

9 useful tools to promote your business on Instagram

Then the tools from this article will definitely come in handy, which will simplify working with clients, tracking comments and likes, analyzing the reputation of your brand and planning posts for several months in advance.

We already told you about 60 useful SMM tools for a marketer and business owner , but not all of them are suitable for Instagram. Therefore, I have prepared for you a new review of the top 10 applications that will help in doing business on Instagram.

1. Buffer

Instagram does not allow you to customize the layout of posts without the participation of the author, so Buffer acts as an Instagram alarm clock . With other social networks, it works as a service for automatic delayed posting.

What Buffer can do:

Prepare posts with photos, descriptions and hashtags in advance. You set the day and time when you would like to place it, and the service will remind you of this with a notification. You will only need to confirm the publication (if you wish, the post can be edited). It’s easy, even if you’re on the go or at work.
Work on both PC and smartphone. But notifications will only come on a smartphone.
Remind you to check which profile you are currently on Instagram in (it’s important if you have several pages). The function can be disabled.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite started supporting Instagram recently, but has already established itself as a good tool for planned posting, monitoring your audience and its preferences. You will be able to publish posts in several social networks at once . The application supports not only Instagram, but also Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.

What Hootsuite can do:

  • Harvest content in advance. By clicking on it, you will be taken to the field with the post blank – here you can edit the picture already loaded for posting, insert another and hashtags with one click.
  • Analyze audience behavior. You have access to the lists of users that you are following and the list of followers. In addition, you can set up monitoring of all uses of your brand’s unique hashtags.
  • Keep track of company mentions. Set up streams with the geolocation of your company. This will help you keep track of posts from customers who take photos of your product and put in geotags, but forget about the brand hashtag. Another plus – you can find potential customers who are often celebrated near your company.

3. Crowdfire

This service will greatly simplify the work with subscribers: you can see everyone who has subscribed or unsubscribed from your profile, create white/blacklists, and even find customers who are definitely interested in your business by analyzing profile subscriber feeds with similar topics.

What Crowdfire can do:

  • Show people who don’t follow you back. Convenient buttons to the left of each user in the application menu will quickly remove them from the list of unfollowers.
  • Create lists of those who have subscribed to your profile, but whom you have not added to the following. This will allow you to easily monitor new users and subscribe to them in response with a single button (it is also located to the left of each profile in the list).
  • Copy lists of users who are subscribed to profiles that are similar to yours by topic. This will help you quickly find “warm” customers. The application shows you a complete list of subscriptions for any brand, and right from this window you can add any pages to the following in a couple of clicks.
  • Post pending posts at a given time. In every post prepared in Crowdfire there will be a hashtag “via Crowdfire” (regardless of the tariff plan).

4. Sendible

Sendible will help you plan your posts ahead, find the best posting time, work on tasks on your Instagram team, publish content on multiple channels at once, and even follow your brand’s mentions on social networks.

In addition, the service supports not only Instagram, but also Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and integrates with Google Analytics, Slack and Dropbox. The application includes a CRM manager that will help control email and SMS messages .

What Sendible can do:

  • Combine all the channels of social networks on one display. Thanks to this, it’s easier to observe the content flows, you will not miss interesting posts and comment on them in time.
  • Keep track of your online reputation. The service automatically generates statistics on positive, negative and neutral reviews about your brand, analyzing keywords.
  • Select the optimal time for publications based on the collected statistics. With Sendible, you can maximize audience engagement. Create individual or team content plans, store pictures in a special media library and use auxiliary services, for example, Canva.

5. Later

This postponed posting program acts only as a notifier ; it will not publish photos on its own. Set the day / time when you need to remember to make a post, and wait for a notification on your smartphone. In addition, powerful analytical functionality is available to you.

What Later can do:

Provide statistics by profile and business niche. In addition to sending notifications, there are basic / advanced analytics functions – you can track likes, clicks and monitor the number of subscribers. There is a function of searching content by hashtags, users and even likes.
Optionally organize visual content . You can choose how the photos will be located in the profile, Later allows you to train with the profile view – rearrange posts, plan the perfect color scheme. The main difference compared to other Instagram alarms is the integrated service for cropping photos .
Upload content from different devices thanks to a media library where you can save photos and videos from PC, OneDrive, DropBox. It is also convenient for teamwork. For expansion under Chrome, another library has been developed, in which with one click you can add all the ideas that interest you during the search.

6. Tailwind

First of all, Tailwind helps to plan publications for weeks and months ahead . You can prepare posts directly from your PC; for this, create a file library on your computer. It’s very convenient that you can see how your content plan from the prepared posts looks in a simulated Instagram page.

What Tailwind can do:

  • Save photos and pictures directly from sites and add them to the database of images or even directly to the content plan of pending posts.
  • See which hashtags in the selected area are the most popular, right in the post preparation mode and insert them into the signature with one click.
  • Set up notifications with reminders of the prepared posts. You can turn on / off the sound, select the optimal type of reminder, etc.

7. Hashtagify

Hashtagify is one of the most famous services for tracking top hashtags on a topic. The main plus of this service is the search and analysis of including Russian-speaking hashtags .

What Hashtagify can do:

  • Work not only with Instagram, but also with Twitter. It’s simple – you enter the desired hashtag, and the service shows what other words and phrases are most often used with it. To show the most relevant requests on Instagram, the service analyzes mainly likes.
  • Pick up themed hashtags in the form of a tree. You can click on each “branch” to see the next branching of frequently used words.

Display statistics for each hashtag. Data can be viewed when you hover over a branch and in screen mode.

8. Iconosquare

The service helps to monitor all the activity of your business profile from one screen , generates statistics of top profile posts and the most popular hashtags in your niche.

What Iconosquare can do:

Simplify account management. You can like, see new comments and quickly respond to them, follow subscribers who have just added or unsubscribed – and all this from one platform.
Show detailed account statistics. Learn what content on your profile has become top-ranked and scored the most likes / comments, what was the growth of subscribers for the week.
Plan post layout. An application based on statistics calculates when it is most profitable to publish content.
Simplify contests on Instagram (paid feature). The service can show all comments (in the social network itself there are problems with this) and analyze activity for a certain amount of time. Therefore, even voting contests can be arranged.

9. Repost

Despite the name, the service allows you to not only repost content from other users in your profile, but also save photos or videos in order to share with your subscribers later. In addition, in the application interface you can see all the publications that you like, as well as posts from channels that you choose. The repost can be edited.

What Repost can do:

Make reposts in 2 clicks and save the link to the original post.
Search for the desired content by hashtags or user nickname.
Track your favorite channels on one screen.

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