5G technology: how will it change our life?

Growth of 5G Technology

A lot of people talk about 5G Technology networks, but not everyone can imagine what impact this can have on our lives. It is expected that widespread use will begin next year.

It is clear that mobile Internet will become even faster, but this is not a key change. In general, even the current speeds are enough.

The important thing is that 5G Technology can dramatically affect the industry.

At the Astana Economic Forum, which took place last week in the capital of Kazakhstan, the Nokia booth was presented, at which it was possible to visually evaluate the opportunities offered by the new generation of communications.

So, for example, with the help of 5G Technology in the future, a surgeon, conditionally, from Germany will be able to operate a person who is in Russia. On his side will be located special equipment with which he will be able to control tools located in the operating room in Russia.

The key point is that 5G Technology works almost without delay, conveys the structure of the surface on which the instruments are located and even the temperature.

In other words, the entire operation is carried out online, and the doctor, despite his whereabouts, feels himself directly in the operating room. Of course, if all this works this way, it will be a colossal breakthrough.

The above advantages will allow you to solve many new problems for which the reliability of the connection in real time is critical. Technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, thanks to 5G Technology will be able to provide the full effect of presence and feedback for the user.

Another example is unmanned vehicles. 5G technology will allow them to respond much faster and more clearly to changes in the flow, to other participants in the movement, and accordingly organize the movement of such vehicles.

Relatively speaking, if one car gives a signal of intention to turn, another instantly picks up this signal and already begins to model its actions taking into account the information received. Since new technologies can get rid of interference and delays, the possibility of organizing safe and organized traffic increases many times.

This also applies to unmanned aerial vehicles – drones. They will be able to reconnect with each other in the airspace, which will also allow for their massive safe use without human intervention.

In general, the changes that are expected to occur should not be underestimated. Here is how at the same Astana Economic Forum, the chairman of the board of directors of Nokia Corporation Risto Siilasmaa spoke about the prospects of introducing a new generation of communications

It is enough to look into the past and recall how each new generation of communication has changed our lives.

In 1997, GPRS technology appeared, which provided a continuous stream of data transfer. She took the data transfer rate to a new level.

Then people were already actively using email and now could receive information much faster.

But that was only the beginning. Already in 2000, 3G technology appeared, which had a much greater data transfer rate, while allowing not to lose connection when connected to various sources.

We can say that it was with the introduction of 3G that significant changes began to occur. Like it or not, the speed of information dissemination and the possibility of obtaining it at virtually any point is exactly what not only changes the perception of the world and the usual way, but also contributes to the development of new directions and technologies.

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