5 rules for doing business

Today on the net I came across an article about the rules of doing business. Rather, not even an article, but a brief overview, since this post had only 5 suggestions, that is, five paragraphs that outline 5 rules for doing business for beginners. I decided to bring to your attention these points and comment on them from my point of view.

The most important thing in business is a team and a goal.

You can’t argue about the goal! Without a goal, you can not start doing anything.

In general, in my opinion, the goal is one of the most important factors that make a person’s life full and meaningful. In business, if you do not have a goal, your business will fail.

As for the team, I do not quite agree. Of course, the key to successful work of any company is the professionalism of employees. But I would not put this item in the first place, since the ability of a person who has decided to start a business to organize and organize the work of the company plays a large role. To do this, you need a certain instinct, perseverance and rigidity.

There are no troubled businesses – there are bad businessmen.

I do not agree! Doing business is influenced by a lot of both external and internal factors. In each line of business, these factors are different.

Money is not an end in itself. The goal of the business is to give the right product to a person and thereby reach a larger audience.

Once upon a time I read an interesting psychological book (now I don’t remember the name). In it, the author strongly recommended not to make money your goal, you can set any goal (open a restaurant, online store, buy a house, etc.), but not money. And on the way to any goal you will get a financial result. I support this point of view 100%.

Anecdote on the topic …

The biggest money a person can bring his hobby just not everyone has a hobby. More precisely, not everyone discovered a hobby in themselves and were able to use it correctly.

Oh yeah! How lucky those people who managed to direct their hobbies to solve their financial problems !!! Right here, Mark Zuckerberg J. comes to my mind.

But not all existing businessmen created their business on the basis of their hobby. So here it is impossible to say so unambiguously.

There are no mistakes in business – there is experience.

And I like this phrase very much! It is thanks to mistakes that many people gain experience, and this applies not only to business, but also to everyday life.

Of course, it is better not to make mistakes, but for this you need to constantly develop and grow!

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