Best waterproof headphones

The waterproof headphones have a moisture protection housing in IPx4. This allows you to not only run or walk in them in the rain, but even engage in the pool (any action, except for deep diving). Splashes of water falling from any angle will not harm an expensive gadget, and your favorite music will contribute to rhythmic training. The rating of the best waterproof headphones has gathered popular models for swimming, water games, jet skiing, kayaking and running in rainy weather, where everyone can choose their own suitable option.

Best waterproof mini earphones

For swimming, headphones with a minimum weight and a complete absence of wires are important so that nothing pulls together with active movements. Manufacturers embodied these requirements in a separate two-body model with wireless connectivity.

Awei T1 – for any swimming style

These headphones are ideal for water sports. Vacuum silicone ear cushions tightly go into the ear canal and are fixed in it. So that the device does not fall out during swimming, it has additional expanding processes fixed in the auricle. Outside, there is a small case with a battery and a power button that is lit in blue in active mode.


very compact;
completely wireless, which is important for swimming;
the sensitivity of the speakers is record high for a headset – 123 dB gives high volume in a noisy pool and with its own active work in water;
speaker diameter of 9 mm provides surround sound;
despite its tiny size, there is a microphone in the case for making calls in water;
very fast stream transfer from the phone to the headphones thanks to Bluetooth 4.2;
frequency range from 20 Hz reproduces bass well;
weight is only 6 g.


battery life 4 hours;
Considering the range of Bluetooth, the phone should be in close proximity to the pool;
battery capacity 40 mA / h;
high cost (about 2000 rubles).

Best waterproof in-ear headphones

Such a headset has a common connecting wire that runs along the back of the head. Communication with the signal source is via Bluetooth. This design does not interfere with active movement in the water or playing sports outdoors in bad weather. Active sweating of the user will not harm her either.

Xiaomi QCY QY19 – for kayaking

The waterproof model is available in four colors. Rubber ear pads have five pairs of excellent diameter for any user. In addition to the insertion landing, additional semicircular stops fix the headset in the auricle so that it does not fall out during active movements. A small battery is combined with a remote control and remote on the wire.


the buttons for adjusting the volume and answering a call are clearly marked (they have a decent height and are well recognized by touch);
the microphone is located near the left ear, so the interlocutor clearly hears the conversation even in noisy environments;
Multipoint function allows you to connect wirelessly to multiple devices at once in range;
the transmitted stream of music content does not deteriorate in quality due to the support of the aptX codec standard;
battery capacity 90 mA / h, which gives a continuous operation time of about 5 hours;
there is a noise reduction system;
weight of only 13 grams with a microphone and battery;
attractive price of 1200 rubles;
good speaker sensitivity up to 108 dB provides high-quality stereo sound.


high resistance of 32 Ohms requires a powerful signal from the emitter, otherwise there will be a quiet sound;
the case in front of the ear cushions significantly goes outside, beyond the dimensions of the ear, and can catch on clothes or an arm with active sports movement.

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